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About Us
     The Purgatory and Devil River is a HOn3 model railroad.  It is set in the fall of 1957 in Southwestern Colorado.  The railroad is a family operation.......my father is modeling the Purgatory Division to the north while I model the southern end called the El Lobo Division.   Both layouts are in our respective homes and are just getting underway.  

     Both my father and I enjoy studying the prototypes of the area but we like the flexibility of free-lancing our own railroad.  Since the Purgatory & Devil River never actually existed in Colorado we can make the railroad into anything that we wish.  All of the towns depicted on both layouts will be made up but they will, we hope, reflect the small towns serviced by the Denver and Rio Grande Western or the Rio Grande Southern.

      As you read the different pages you will find that we have a twisted sense of humor.  Towns and businesses along the line are all from movies, someone we know, or are a pun of some sort.  As we complete buildings we will post some pictures and give a little history behind the company.  You will also find issues of the local papers….The Purgatory Weekly Examiner and the Blanchard Springs Post (Or as the locals called it…..the BS Post)  These will also give you a deeper look into the area and answer any questions you may have on our need for therapy.

      I saw a quote on someone’s web page that said, “Each one…teach one”.    With that in mind we both give clinics (How To’s) at area train shows.  I have posted the documentation from these in a special section.   It’s not that either of us are the world’s greatest modeler.  We have just learned a few tricks over the years and hope to help others avoid making the same mistakes that we made.

     So please enjoy these pages for what they are meant to be…. A way for us to share our hobby and to poke a little fun at life in general.  My theory of life and this hobby is basic.  Do what you want within reason, have fun and if something bad happens GET OVER IT.  If you are uptight enough that you become offended by something you see please let me know.  I am sure I will ignore it and probably name a business after you.

Paul Richardson, MMR - Purgatory Division
Duane Richardson, MMR - El Lobo Division

The webmaster - taken in the Chama yard.  August 1999.

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