Friday September 13, 1957

The Heat Is On At Area Cooking Competition

During last weeks semi-final round of the Blanchard Springs Cook Off the final pair of chefs were selected.  The semi-final round was not without drama as chef Blackstock was disqualified.  Blackstock, who’s abilities to find fresh fruits and vegetables is often said to be uncanny, was disqualified after the eggs he was using were found not only to be stolen but poached as well.  Blackstock is also under investigation about his new book entitled “How To Serve Your Fellow Man”.  The chef insists that the book as nothing to do with cannibalism.

The biggest upset was when the entry from China, Mr. Ling Guinee, failed the Italian portion of the competition.  It seems the chef forgot his pasta and was doomed to reheat it.

Of the final pair the favorite is local baker Berry Tart.  Berry entered this competition last year with little success.  His entry was frowned upon by many of the contestants since he was only a short order cook at the time.  Berry, who was working at Mel’s Dinner after his submarine sandwich shop went under, took the grilling with a grain of salt.  Tempers were sizzling after the judges decided that he could enter.  Although he refused to get steamed about his reception the pressure to perform was too much.

After an early exit last year Berry concentrated on his new doughnut shop.  While the new business was a minor success he soon grew tired of the hole thing.  After selling his shop he opened the On A Roll Bakery and has been rolling in dough ever since.

Since Berry won’t trust many people with his recipes it has left a lot on his plate.  “I only give out my recipes on a knead to know basis.”  says Tart.  When asked if he felt that he was up to the challenge this year Berry said, “I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.  A good baker will always rise to the occasion.  As a baker you take on many rolls…you just get used to it.”

This weekend will decide who wins the competition and whether or not this former short order cook is just a flash in the pan.

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