Saturday September 7, 1957

Chess Tournament Turns Violent

Chess enthusiasts from all over the country gathered at Denver's Grand Imperial Hotel for the National Chess Tournament.  Shortly after the semi-final matches competed violence erupted in the hotel lobby and several people were injured in the melee.  

Hotel Manager Imma Goodwin said, "A group of players had gathered in the lobby and they were bragging about their recent victories.  After about and hour of this loud and unruly noise I asked them to disperse."  It was then that things got heated and a fight broke out.

Seven people were treated for injuries after being trampled by the escaping crowd.  Several players were arrested after the ordeal.  "We are just pawns in this!", cried one as he was lead out by police.  

Ms Goodwin said, "There had been several complaints from other guest about the noise.  I wasn't about to take it anymore.  I can't stand chess nuts boasting in an open foyer."

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