Saturday September 28, 1957

Local Boy Doing Well At Harvard

Local residents will always remember Tom Johnson for the "Hail Mary" play that won the state football championship his Freshman year.  In fact, around town he has been know as "Long Tom" Johnson ever since.  What most don't know is that Tom went to Harvard on an Academic Scholarship.

Tom's scholarship was a first to an Ivy 

League school by a B.S.H.S. graduate.

While he is having problems with his elective classes this semester, Tom is expecting to graduate as the class Valedictorian. 

When we called his long time girlfriend, Violet Agra, she said, "He is under a lot of pressure from back home.  He doesn't want to let anybody down".

"It's been a long, hard struggle this last year" says Violet.  "He keeps saying, 'Vi, I'm going to pass these electives.'  He is trying to keep a positive attitude.  We just don't want to see him go flat".

"If he can get over his electile difficulty then he'll be OK". 

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