Saturday September 28, 1957

Black Rock Mayor Makes Big Announcement

Today, Black Rock Mayor Al Chad announced that his wife "Dimples" was pregnant with the couple's 9th child.  The Mayor said, "I hope this one is a boy.  Raising 8 girls has been tough."

Mayor Chad, grandson of the late Circuit Court Judge "Hanging" Chad, has been busy since his return to office. 

 "We have been catching up on all the things that went on while we were out campaigning last year."

Chad, who is still disappointed in the outcome of the race for Governor, says that he will complete his term as the city's Mayor.  The Mayor commented that he still upset that they wouldn't recount the ballots for the 13th time.

"I guess next time we will have to put everybody's picture on the ballot.", said Mayor Chad

"Dimples" Chad was quoted as saying that she might consider a run for the state Senate during the next general election.  When asked, the Mayor said that he will return to his shrub, bush, and tree trimming business once his term is over.  

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