Tuesday September 24, 1957

Testimony Continues in Mime Abduction

Testimony continued today when mime school owner Marcel Marceau took the stand.  Mr. Marceau, who was abducted and held for ransom, testified that he was held prisoner in a box in the old Glory Hole mine.  Mr. Marceau, who suffers from claustrophobia, says, “The ordeal was torturous.  It felt like the walls were closing in on me the whole time I was down there.” 

Local strong arm Shane “The Big Dog” Kirkpatrick is charged with the offense. 

Kirkpatrick was arrested when he tried to collect the ransom money.  Blanchard Springs Police Officer Billy Barty hid in the box with the ransom payment.  During transport back to the mine Barty snuck out and attempted to arrest Kirkpatrick.  

"I told him not to move but he tried to run so I shot him”, said Barty.  Kirkpatrick suffered a gunshot wound to the knee and is claiming police brutality.  “I don’t care if he is 3 feet tall it’s still wrong!”, exclaimed Kirkpatrick yesterday.

Local Prosecutor Hamilton Burger said that, ”It is a shame that someone would attempt to do this.  He was going to kill him and a mime is a terrible thing to waste.”   

When asked about the motive DA Burger said that Mr. Kirkpatrick, who’s office is next to the mime school, had confessed that he, “Couldn’t stand the noise any longer.” 

Mr. Marceau says that he will re-open the school as soon as possible because, after all, “Mime is Money.”


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