Friday September 27, 1957

Mining Conglomerate Continues to Grow Despite New Bill

Mining Conglomerate Continues to grow

Watts Mining Company has completed the merger with two mines in the Cold Springs area.  Both the Yursiz and Mienous families have merged with Charles Watts to form a new mining conglomerate in the high country.  Both the Watts-Yursiz mine and Watts-Mienous mine have both had problems in the past with union labor and general economical difficulties.  With the Watts Mining Company owning the only stamp mill in the area, this merger will reduce many problems for both companies. Ore processing cost will drop and profits are expected to soar.

New Bill Threatens Mining Companies

With growing concerns over ground water supplies in the state, Colorado State Congressman Fred Murphy is proposing a new bill to clean up the environment.  This new Murphy’s Law has many mine owners worried.  Many studies are underway but most are drawing the same conclusions.  

The dirt that is excavated from the mines, known as tailings, have many heavy metals and minerals that are leaching in to the area water supplies.  Many if not most of these minerals are harmful when consumed.

There is a large effort lobbying against the new bill.  Local mine owner Charles Watts said, “It’s just another knee jerk reaction from those people.  We admit that there might be some of the metals there.  We don’t feel that they are causing the problems that all these new environmental groups are claiming.  They believe in the worst-case scenario. They believe that what can go wrong will go wrong.” 

“We feel that enough research will tend to support our theory,” said Congressman Murphy. “The mining industry in this state hasn’t been willing to do anything about this problem.  When these things are left to themselves they just go from bad to worse.” When asked how long it will take for the studies to complete the Congressman replied, “Nothing is as easy as it looks.  Everything about this seems to take longer than you think.  We received the T.R.E.E.H.G.R. last week and have been reviewing the findings.”


The report Congressman Murphy mentioned, T.R.E.E.H.G.R. is The Real Environmental Evaluation Health Group Report.  So far it’s the only report has been completed and presented to the congressional committee for review. 

 “This T.R.E.E.H.G.R. report isn’t offering anything.  Every solution they mention only breeds new problems.” Said Charles Watts owner of a large Colorado mining conglomerate.  “They don’t offer any ideas as to how to fund such an undertaking.  All they want is for the tailings to be removed with no mention of where to move it to or how to dispose of them.”

 If successful the Murphy’s Law will cost many in the area millions of dollars in clean up of the tailings from not only privately owned mines but many old sites that are part of the new National Parks as well.  The State and Federal government are also doing studies to determine if the tailing from many of the mines in the state and federal parks will require clean up.  Governor McNichols has already stated that if the bill can be put together and pass both houses he will sign it into law.


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