Monday September 9, 1957

City Rejoices As Missing Mayor and Local Psychologist Are Found....Again

It was announced this morning that Blanchard Springs Mayor Bull Buckner and local psychologist Rex Edapus were rescued.  This is the second year in a row that the pair has turned up missing.  Last year after completing his new mental health facility, the Edapus Complex, the duo decided to go hunting.  After what appeared to be a successful hunt the airplane that was to bring them home crashed.  While hiking out of the forest Dr Edapus fell into a deep depression that required several hours of digging to remove a large part of the rock that trapped the good doctor.

“It was amazing.  We had managed to bag our limit and we were waiting for the airplane to pick us up and take us back.  Both of us were laughing about last year’s problems.  Who knew that we would once again be facing death.”, said Mayor Buckner.

 Dr. Edapus’s success with the new facility lead to his writing the highly acclaimed book, “Show me someone in denial and I’ll show you someone up to their ankles in Egypt” His success with the new book prompted the doctor to suggest a second trip.

“I can’t believe it.  It was a wonderful hunt and then it all went downhill."  


"First the plane shows up and the pilot won’t let us load all of our elk.  I kept telling him that we loaded the same type of airplane with the same number of elk last year…we argued about that for several minutes.”, said Dr. Edapus.

 “Finally he let us load the last of the elk and were trying to take off.  We couldn’t get off the ground and the next thing I know the plane is in the trees.  I really thought we were in trouble until Doc said that he knew where we were…it was the same place we crashed last year.  This time we hiked out the other way.  I didn’t even want to think about Doc falling down another hole,” said the Mayor.


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