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Clinic - Casting Detail Parts


Rubber and Plastic Resins � Available from many Hobby Shops or contact:

Alumilite - www.alumilite.com
Micro Mark - www.micromark.com
Smooth-On - www.smooth-on.com
Reynolds Advanced Materials - www.moldmakingmaterials.com


U.S. Gypsum - www.usg.com

Casting permits the modeler to create multiple copies of an item or subsets of an item. It also allows the modeler to make one original item and faithfully reproduce several copies to aid the model building process.


Plaster, Hydrocal, Durham�s Water Putty, or plastic resin.


  • Disposable containers such as paper cups, butter tubs etc.

  • Stirring sticks such as craft sticks, Popsicle sticks, coffee stirring sticks etc.

  • Drop cloth, paper towels, container of water, rubber molds.


DO  NOT sell copies of a commercially marketed product. You could face copyright infringement charges. It just isn�t worth the risk.

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