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Clinic - Launch Into The Achievement Program - Flat Car Part 1

The purpose of this session is to build the basic form of a flat car to  be detailed in Part 2 with the goal of having the car judged for the Achievement Program. 

NOTICE: Participation in these sessions do not guarantee the car will earn the minimum 87 � points needed to earn a merit award. The quality of workmanship, detail and adherence to NMRA requirements will determine if the car will earn a merit award. 

The first step is to build the car frame, center sills, beams and floor. Your registration fee covers all construction materials.

Each participant will receive strip wood for the center sills and beams, wood for the decking, monofilament fishing line and turnbuckles for truss rods, bolsters and trucks.

When the basic body of the car has been assembled this will complete Part 1.

Please refer to the diagrams below to build the basic car body.


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