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Clinic - Building Junior's Salvage Yard

At the LSR Convention in 1999 I presented a clinic on building wrecked autos. Some of the techniques of that clinic were applied to the autos used in the construction of the salvage yard. 

Select the size and location for the salvage yard � remember, the larger the yard the more autos and scrap it will take to make it look real.

 I like to fence the yard using Campbell metal siding. The siding can be used straight from the package to represent a new fence or painted a weathered gray and rust applied to represent an older fence, which seems to be more appropriate for my taste. To build a fence, I like to pre-stain some strip wood and glue it together to  form a grid upon which I will attach the metal siding. I place the grid upon the scenery and mark the location for the posts of the grid then use an awl to make a hole for the posts. Put some white glue in the holes and �plant� the grid.

After the glue has dried, glue the metal siding to the grid, then begin construction of the gate. I used .060 X .060 styrene strips bent into a rectangle the height of the fence and 10 feet wide to form the gate. I prefer a gate that looks like chain link fence so I use styrene as the �pipe� portion of the gate and use wedding lace from a fabric store for the fence fabric. Spray the wedding lace with Floquil Old Silver to make a convincing Chain Link gate. Add signs of your choice to the gate, fence or the Office building.

This scene really lets you go wild with detail. I use car doors, fenders and hoods that I make from my rubber molds. Trees, weeds, dirt roads/paths and almost any kind of junk you can imagine can be found in a salvage yard. A really nice touch is a chain hoist hanging from a tree limb with an engine block hanging from it. Several auto can have men removing parts from them to add interest to the scene. A few nice un-wrecked autos and a tow truck in the parking lot will help complete your salvage yard. Oh yes, don�t forget to add a couple of �junk yard dogs.� 


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