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Modifing Vehicles

This model is actual in S scale that I picked up for my Sn3 club's layout.  In it's stock appearance it wasn't much to look at but I had an idea to convert it into a small Texaco gas truck.  The following pictures walk through the modifications of the vehicle. 

  This is the stock look of the truck.   Here I removed the 'canvas' top and cut the sides and tailgate off.
The fuel tank used was a casting from Bar Mills. I cut a section out of the middle of the tank to reduce it's size.   Here was a test fit on the newly created flatbed truck.
Here I was test fitting the new wooden deck.   Again, a test fit of the tank.
Using a very slow drill I drilled out the rivits to disassemble to truck for painting   The frame and grill in silver.
Here is the truck after painting it read and adding some sides to the bed.   A front view.  All that's left now is some lettering and weathering.

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