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Welcome to the El Lobo Division Blog

November 2005

It痴 been a slow couple of months.  My wife was down to the last few weeks before having Ben and needed a lot of extra help around the house.  Ben arrived on the 15th of November as scheduled.  Momma and baby are both doing well.  As for the railroadThe switch machines are installed and wired in the staging yard.  I知 hoping to work on the power drops and the control panel over the holidays.  I知 wiring this a little differently.  I知 running everything to a terminal blocks on the staging yard and then everything in the control panel will run to a set of block mounted with it.  I値l use jumpers to connect it all.  This will allow me to move the control panel easier once I get ready to build the dispatchers area. 

I have several days off for Christmas and New Years and I知 hoping to move the things around in the train room and get the yard installed over the holiday.  If the yard and return loop can be installed and the wiring ready it will complete the track work necessary for the AP judging.  I値l have to finish the panel and install the DCC.  I値l ballast it last and then I知 ready.  I REALLY wanted to have this done by nowIn fact, if I go back and read from this last spring I知 sure I was hoping to have all of this done before the middle of June.  I love trying to plan this stuff.  It痴 like my Granny always said, 典he fastest way to make God laugh is tell Him what you are going to do tomorrow.



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