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Welcome to the El Lobo Division Blog

February-April 2006

WellNot much has changed here.  Between work, kids, the house and helping a friend of mine with his business I haven稚 had much chance to get out there and work.  There was a lot of planning and prep work for the April Division 3 Meet.  The Meet was  was held April 1st.  I think that it went off well.  Not too many models in the contest but still, not a bad turnout.  We had several good door prizes and a couple of really good clinics.  Things have already gone into the planning stages for next years Meet.  We値l have the annual convention here in a couple of years so we値l start the planning on that soon as well.

The Staging Yard is in place and is connected to the return loop.  The track work itself is completed there.  I have to cut a couple of gaps and install the power reversing circuit.  I値l be hooking up the DCC next and installing a decoder into a locomotive.  I知 just about ready to have the work judged for Civil and Electrical. 

I知 working on a couple of buildings for the Lone Star Region Convention.  I have a set of plans for a blacksmith shop that I致e modified.  I値l start construction on that in the coming weeks.  I知 teaching a clinic on how the details make the difference.  It痴 going to cover the things that we add to a model to make them look better.  I値l be using this building as a reference for the clinic and I値l enter it in the contest.  I知 currently drawing a set of plans for a second building that I hope I値l have time to work on.  It too will end up in the contest room.  With any luck they will both merit and get me that much closer to Structures.  I need 4 more that score to wrap that one up.  If I can get these in the bag then I have an idea for Prototype Modeler that I値l be starting after the show and with any luck a couple of the building there will score well enough to round out Structures as well.

I値l be working on these while I try to decide what I want to do about lighting on the layout.  I really want to get that up and running before I do too much more.  Since the benchwork is stud wall I can climb all over it without any problems but I really don稚 want to take the chance of messing anything up.  The room is built in such a way that a lighting valance of some sort is almost a given.  The sad part is that it will take away from the height of scenery that I would like to do.  I値l be playing around with lighting ideas for a while until I can come up with suitable plan.  I may only install them one town at a time to help keep the costs down. 


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