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Welcome to the El Lobo Division Blog

April 2005

Well…like the best laid plans of mice and men…I didn't get as far as I had hoped. After spending a lot more time at the Division 3 mini meet than I had planned for and visiting with friends we just didn't have much time. We did get Timberline moved into place and started working on getting the turnouts marks and holes drilled. I spent some time out in the train room the following Monday and managed to get about half of the remaining ties glued down. I have the ties for 3 or so turnouts left to glue down and then we are ready to start laying rail. I'm going to go over the base coat of stain with my tie stain mix and even out the colors. Once that is down and dry I'm ready to start laying rail.

I've been giving more thought to the lighting. I'm going to have to build a valance so I'm thinking about making a small light frame to mount to the ceiling and then face that with the same door skins that I going to use on the fascia. The valance and fascia should look nice stained and varnished the same. I also had an idea yesterday about the station signs for the various towns. I'm going to make some back lit signs with some white plastic and I'm going to get the station signs done at a sign shop in vinyl lettering so they should look really nice.


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