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Welcome to the El Lobo Division Blog

May 2005

Timberline has the rail laid now and the wiring is in place. The two back turnouts are causing me fits but I'll get those tuned over the next day or so. I have calculated the grades for the layout and completed the scale drawings. I'm going to build some mainline into and out of Timberline next. Over this last weekend I moved the west wall back to where it's supposed to be. When I installed it I had it in my head that everything was to be 4 feet wide instead of 3. That put my wall in the wrong place. After moving it back and getting the bookcase up underneath it's amazing how wide that isle is now.

I took a sample of my Durango dirt up to Home Depot and had a gallon of paint mixed that matches it. I went through just about every color sample they had but found one that is almost a perfect match. Once the turnouts are turned I'm going to paint the Homasote with the new paint and put down Fine Cinder Ballast on the tracks. Everything is progressing well. I had hoped to have all of this ready to judge before the LSR Convention in June but I don't see that happening. There is just too much work to do and not enough time to do it in. We'll see.

As May is wrapping up I can see that I'm not going to meet the end before the LSR. I did get the staging yard framed in. I have all the parts and pieces to proceed and I hope to start laying rail there as soon as the LSR is over. I have a handful of tasks remaining to qualify for Civil and Electrical and that will give us the magic 7 certificates. I've actually started 3 of the 4 other categories as well. I will be taking over as Division 3 Director as of the LSR and that will start me towards Official. I have several structures already judged and one locomotive. It is my plane to get all 11 certificates. As of the date of this note there have only been 6 who have done it out of 352 MMR's. Seems like most hit #7 and stop.


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