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Welcome to the El Lobo Division Blog

June 2005

Here we are a month down the road and nothing has changed. The convention was a lot of fun and my 3 contest entries did well. The MOW gon finished 3rd and the High Side Gon finished 1st in Freight cars and the Rider Gon finished 1st in Passenger cars. For that I'm very pleased. The freight gon edged out Chuck Lind by 1 point and the rider gon beat Al Boos. Not bad when you can beat a couple of guys who are not only MMR's but extremely good modelers.

With my wife and I expecting our second child this has been a hard month to sneak into the train room. I've been trying to get out there a little here and there. The tuning of the turnouts is proving to be a royal pain in the butt. I have hit an area where I haven't done this part before and it's slowing me down. Right now I really need a second pair of hands to help me run the locomotive while I look for the problem spots. Most of my fleet hasn't been run in years and they are all having problems. Mostly they just need to be cleaned, lubed and run for a while. That's the biggest problem right now.

I also hope to add some lighting to the room soon. I'll be hanging fluorescent lights around the room and replace the single ceiling fan and light in the middle of the room. That will work until I can mix the lighting to get the colors that I want.  Right now it's pretty dark out there.

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