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Welcome to the Purgatory & Devil River Railroad
The Purgatory & Devil River Railroad was born not from the hard work of men against nature but from the fertile (Sometimes too fertile) minds of Paul and Duane Richardson.  It is an HOn3 model railroad set in Colorado in the fall of 1957.  For more on the railroad see the About Us page and Uncle Amos's Knapsack Guide to the Purgatory & Devil River Railroad

We still have historic photos, pages on the development of each division, more stories from the local papers at the Newsstand and links to our favorite sites on the Link & Pin page.  We also have a few items for sale on the Purgatory Products page...with more to come.


Paul & Duane become the first Father/Son MMR's

2007 Lone Star Region Convention Contest Models

2006 Lone Star Region Convention Contest Winner

The Purgatory & Devil River Car Shops do well in 2005

The Purgatory Boys score in 2004

2003 Lone Star Region Convention Novice Best Of Show Winner

Paul Richardson, MMR 
- Purgatory Division

Duane Richardson, MMR 
- El Lobo Division & Web Master


You are the

passenger on the Purgatory & Devil River since 7/27/00. 


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