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The Purgatory & Devil River Railroad Scores at the LSR!
In the Lone Star Region of the NMRA we have a category in our contests for a Novice award.  A Novice modeler is considered to be a person who has yet to score 87.5 points on a contest entry in a regional or national contest.  In the LSR we give an award to the Novice modeler who has the highest scoring entry among all the modeling categories. 

In 2003 I was fortunate enough to win the Best Of Show - Novice award at the LSR convention in Lubbock, TX.  The 2004 convention was held in Houston, TX and again I was lucky enough to come away with First Place - Bridges & Trestles and Dad took First Place in Passenger Cars and that car also won the Best Of Show - Novice award.

Photos of my 2003 entry will be posted soon...

There will be better pictures of both models online soon...but until then...

The Cold Springs Trestle - First Place - Bridges & Trestles at the 2004 LSR.

The Vista Verde - First Place - Passenger Cars at the 2004 LSR. 

Shortly after the '04 LSR Dad went to Kansas City where he has become active in the Mid-Continent Division.  He won First Place in Diesels and Other Motive Power with his Galloping Goose.

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