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The Purgatory & Devil River Railroad Scores at the LSR!
To say I was pleased with how my models did at the 2005 LSR Convention in Ft. Worth would be massive understatement.  I entered 3 models...one MOW gon made from styrene, one high side gon made from wood and a second high side gon converted into a observation gon.  While the MOW gon finished 3rd, both of the wooden high side gons won 1st place and beat a couple of MMR's to do it.  

Dad entered a pair of models as well.  His Galloping Goose took second place as did his Pass.  His gon finished 3rd and his box car received an Honorable Mention.  Since Dad is in Kansas City on a contract he has also joined the Mid-Continent Region.  He took 2nd place in Non-Revenue Cars and Freight Cars and at the Turkey Creek Division meet  he won First Place in Maintenance of Way.

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