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Paul Richardson - Master Model Railroader # 345
Duane Richardson - Master Model Railroader # 391


The presentation of Paul's Master Model Railroader plaque
Paul Richardson (left) receives his MMR plaque from National Achievement Program Chairman, Pat Harriman, MMR.

Photo by Miles Hale, MMR

 The presentation of Duane's Master Model Railroader plaque

Duane Richardson (right) receives his MMR plaque from LSR President Jerry Scheonberg and LSR AP Chairman Al Boos.  June 2007

Photo by Larry Swigert

The first Father/Son MMR 

Left to right (Duane, LSR AP Chairman Al Boos & Paul).

Thanks Al for all the inspiration over the years.  You're a BIG reason we both got here!

Photo by Charlie Kirk

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