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What's New on the Purgatory & Devil River Railroad
Thanks for checking back with us.  Here is what has happened recently.
6/17/07 We are at 6 months and I'm not here to tell you that I've loaded new ones...I have loaded the results from this years LSR and to note that Dad and I are the first Father & Son MMR's in the NMRA. 

I've also updated the El Lobo Blog.

12/10/06 OK...so it's been almost a year again.  I have added pictures to the El Lobo Division page and to the El Lobo Blog.
1/22/06 The DPL pictures have been updated.  OK...so it wasn't 15 months but it was still too long.
07/20/05 I added a Blog to the El Lobo Division...just in case you are REALLY bored and want to follow the misadventures of building the El Lobo Division.  Click here to go to the Blog
05/05/05 The DPL pictures have been updated.  15 months has to be a new record.
04/01/05 No April Fools...Track laying begins on the El Lobo Division.  Pictures to follow...
03/27/05 Paul becomes MMR # 345 Click here for more
06/13/04 The Purgatory Boys score in 2004.  Both Dad and I won First Place at the LSR Convention in Houston.  Click here for more details...
02/17/04 The DPL pictures have been updated.
01/12/04 Well...for starters the whole site.  Since it has been over a year since the site saw a major overhaul I decided to give the site a face lift.  I will be loading new DPL photos shortly.


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