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Welcome to the Purgatory Division

The Purgatory & Devil River Railroad is a freelance HOn3 model railroad.  The line consists of two layouts.  I have the northern division (The Purgatory Division) while my son models the southern division (The El Lobo Division).  This page will follow the progress of the Purgatory Division and give you some insight into our version of Colorado.

The Purgatory & Devil River Railroad was founded by Otto Mears as a sister railroad to the Rio Grande Southern.  Built side by side during the 1890's both railroads ran southward down either side of the San Juan Mountains.  (For more history on the railroad please click here)  After leaving Ridgway trains would head north and east over the mountains into Purgatory.  From there they would turn south and go through Black Horn, Aspen Flats, Orsen Wells, Halltown, and Smokey Ridge on the way to the Division Point at Mears.

In these pages you will find not only photos that show the progress of the pikes construction but many other things as well.  

So please sit back and enjoy the HOn3 Purgatory Division as we create our version of Colorado's railroad history...Paul Richardson

Pictures of the Purgatory Division

Pictures of Cars for the Purgatory Division

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