Saturday September 14, 1957

The Business Section


New Businesses Opening in Purgatory

New business licenses were issued this week to the following new members of the Purgatory business community: 

Purgatory Dental Clinic, operated by Dr. Phil McCavity  and his Hygienist, Ginger Vitis located at 911 Abbey-Cess Road.

Also, Dr. Seymour Drillmore, 665 Purgatory Avenue, this week only we are having a special on fillings, fill 2 get the third filling or one extraction free.

Phatt Farm Weight Loss Clinic, operated by Drs. Patty O’Biecity, Bill Lemic and Anna Rexic. The partnership has purchased the old Phatt Farm and plans to renovate the facilities to house the clinic. The clinic will be located at the corner of Phatt Farm Road and Lien Lane.


The Back Row Drive-In Theatre will show a Science Fiction Marathon Friday and Saturday nights, first film at 8:30. This weekend’s features are:

Invasion of the Saucer Men
I Was a Teenage Werewolf
Blood of Dracula
The Curse of Frankenstein

Management encourages you to arrive early as the back row fills up fast!

Remember. If the windows are foggin’ don’t bother knockin’

Radio Station WZZL AM 1340 – “The Weasel”

– All Talk – All Politics – 
All Day L-O-N-G

The station will cover Saturday’s mayoral debate between incumbent Mayor Graft and challenger Willie Daft. The live broadcast begins at 1:00 PM and will run all afternoon and possibly well into the evening.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

The Colorado Department of Corrections, in partnership with Professional Cabinet Shop in Wedlock, Colorado has announced a new Work-Release Program for inmates who have been recognized as model prisoners. Under this program, inmates will report for training each morning at 8:00 and will spend the day learning the cabinet-making trade in preparation for their re-entry into society. 

Inmates who successfully complete the program will have the skills needed to earn a good income and be less likely to return to a life of crime. While the program has the strong support of the State, some critics have referred to it as the “Pros and Cons of Cabinet-Making.”

Business Closings 

Joe’s Tire Shop is closing due to the owner’s re-tire-ment . The owner, Joe Slick, said he plans a big “Blow-out Sale” and hopes to move most of his inventory at the sale, saving the cost of a large auction to liquidate the inventory.


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