Saturday September 7, 1957

New Reservoir Dedication Draws Visitors from the 4 State Area

After more than 5 years of construction and the loss of only a few dozen lives, Officials from the Rio Diablo Power Authority dedicated the new reservoir designed to meet the electric power needs of the 4 Corners area for the next 50 years. The new dam was named in honor of Colorado’s U.S. Senator, Don Geeva who lobbied tirelessly to secure federal funding for the project. The senator said, “I had to call in a lot of favors to land this project and I know I owe a lot of people in the Senate. I also know that payback time is just around the corner.” This is a fine example of your tax dollars at work as will be the projects supported by the Senators who helped me fund this dam project.”

Today’s dedication was originally scheduled 2 weeks ago but was postponed due to a bit of confusion. It seems the President and CEO of the RDPA, James Watts was awaiting the arrival of the newest innovation in dam design, a large propeller to be installed at the base of the dam, directly downstream from the floodgates. When the floodgates are open, the water will spin the propeller, producing additional electricity. Mr. Watts and the RDPA Board of Directors had the entire town filled with anticipation when the Purgatory & Devil River local spotted a flat car with a huge propeller in the downtown team track. Upon inspection of the cargo it was determined it was not the property of the RDPA but instead was destined to the Purgatory Little Theatre, it wasn’t the dam propeller, it was only a prop!

When the real propeller arrived and installation was completed, the dedication and celebration was set for today. Mr. Watts and Senator Geeva, who obviously enjoy fanfare, are hosting a large celebration including a catered Bar-B-Q picnic luncheon featuring Pork. The RDPA will sponsor the picnic with a portion of the 2.3 Million dollars left over from the federal funding. When asked about the excess funds, Mr. Watts and the Senator agreed they would find some use for the remaining money.

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