Saturday September 28, 1957

Local Fishing Shop In Financial Crunch

It seems that things have changed a lot in a year, this time last year, Dorothy "Dot" Komm and her husband, Webb were riding high with her new business.  Customers flocked to "In Her Net" a fishing store for women, but business has dropped dramatically since the State Highway Commission re-routed the Highway to remove a portion shaped roughly like the letter 'N'.

When the Highway was re-rerouted and expanded into a Superhighway, customers have found it hard to connect with Dot Komm and her business. Locals had nicknamed the highway the 'N' Formation Highway and it seems the nickname will live on as they are now referring to it as the 'N' Formation Superhighway.   

"The 'N' Formation Superhighway has passed us by", said Dot Komm “unless traffic picks up, we will have to close our doors and we will no longer be servers to the women’s fishing community.”  It appears “In Her Net” is floundering and will be closing very soon .

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