Saturday October 21, 1957

Management Blamed as Railroad Workers Arrested

The Purgatory & Devil River Railroad confirmed the arrest of two Section men on Wednesday afternoon. A spokesman said it was "all just a misunderstanding" and "we are certain the charges will be dropped." Recently, the P&DR purchased an extremely large quantity of "Depot Buff" paint. P&DR Road Master, Doug Hitchcock, began a project to inspect depots and water tanks repainting them if needed.

"We bought the paint in bulk and got it really cheap. We have enough to paint all the water tanks and most of the depots. I just want to take advantage of this opportunity to protect these assets before cold weather arrives" Hitchcock said.

As Hitchcock was preparing to leave for a meeting with his Section Foremen at P&DR offices in Purgatory, he told Section Men Peter and Willie Johnson, "we have a dozen 55 gallon barrels of that new Buff paint in the section shed. I’m going to Smokey Ridge and will be back on Monday. While I’m gone I want the depot painted in the buff." Passengers arriving for The Prospector, the southbound morning train, were startled to discover the Johnson brothers had taken their orders literally and were stark naked, painting the depot. Division Special Agent Homer Depou took the Johnson brothers into custody and turned them over to Purgatory Sheriff John Lance. Sheriff Lance said "the Johnson's are securely but comfortably locked up and will spend the weekend hanging around as guests of the county."

The Johnson brothers, who are not the brightest lights in the chandelier, fearing they would be sent to the State Prison, escaped Wednesday night. The Sheriff’s office launched a search effort to recapture the Johnson brothers. Deputies put up pictures all over town asking…Have you seen this Johnson?

Late last night, Deputies recaptured the Johnson brothers. They were found hiding in the empty trailer of a Mister Donut Tractor-trailer, parked behind the jail.


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