Saturday September 14, 1957

Local Businessman Forced to Leave Town

A little more than a year ago a new business opened in Purgatory and the citizens flocked to the door of  “Isaiah the Prophet”.  All went well until about 3 months ago when “Isaiah” began predicting Gloom and Doom for the town of Purgatory.   “Isaiah” recently began politically bashing the Town Council and the Mayor while he shared his visions with his customers.

When the Founding Fathers learned of his misdeeds they were furious. The only thing that prevented them from lynching him on the Town Square was they would be too easily identified as suspects.

For approximately a month the Council has debated what they should do about “Isaiah” and last night they reached a decision. 

The Council voted 7 to 1 to force “Isaiah” to leave town by revoking his business license and threatening to arrest him as a vagrant since he would then have no visible means of support. This decision is a new milestone for the town Council as they are now referred to by local residents as a NOT FOR PROPHET ORGANIZATION.

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