Saturday September 14, 1957

Marital Disturbance Rocks Town


Purgatory resident David “Catfish” Clampett got more than he bargained for when he bought an Army Surplus Jeep last month. It seems Catfish and his best friend Cooter James took the Jeep into the backcountry for a day of exploration. Only a couple of hours into the wild country, they got hopelessly stuck in mud clear up to the axles. After several hours of digging, they finally managed to free the Jeep and return home feeling relieved and exhausted. Catfish

and his bride, Helga had a knockdown, drag-out argument shortly after he returned home. Helga being much larger (and meaner) easily got the best of Catfish and physically threw him out of the house.

Helga later told her best friend Agnes that the fight started when Catfish asked her to go with them the next time they take the Jeep into the backcountry. Helga said that at first she was pleased to be invited, but her

 joy turned to anger when she asked Catfish why he suddenly wanted her to join him and Cooter. Catfish told Helga that he wanted her to sit on the hood and rest her feet on the front bumper, if they got stuck again. Catfish said Cooter told him they wouldn’t have so much trouble getting out of the mud if he put a “big winch” on the front of the Jeep and Catfish thought he said “big wench” and instantly thought of Helga!


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