Saturday September 21, 1957

Local Pastor Claims, "Manna From Heaven"

Pastor I. Ben Duncan has been desperately seeking the funds to purchase a new organ for the Church of the Everlasting Struggle. The old organ wheezed it’s last almost a month ago and the congregation has been singing without music since the demise of the organ.

Pastor Duncan and his church were almost ready to give up when Bill Martin, owner of Martin’s Melodious Music Store, learned of their situation. After a lengthy discussion with the Pastor and the Board of Deacons, Mr. Martin agreed to donate the instrument to the church.

When the Examiner became aware of the donation, we sent a reporter to interview Mr. Martin. When asked what motivated him to give such a generous gift, he replied, “For the past decade my family has urged me to become an organ donor, now they’ve gotten their wish.”

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