Saturday September 21, 1957

Tragedy Strikes Local Family Twice In One Week

Local businessman, Andy Garner described the terrible accident following the funeral for “Pops” Lemming last Friday. “My family and I were enjoying the fresh air and having a picnic in our pasture near Robinson Cliff when the unthinkable occurred” said Garner.  

“It was shortly after noon when we heard a horn honking and people screaming in fear. We looked up the hill and saw the hearse 

careening out of control down the hill toward the cliff. As we watched in horror, the hearse hit the guardrail along the side of the highway and it collapsed.”

With the guardrail gone there was nothing to prevent the hearse from falling 250 feet into the canyon below. Everyone in the hearse perished right away except for “Pops” who had already perished last Monday.  

“The loss of the hearse and it’s occupants was bad enough”, said Garner “but to see the rest of the cars in the procession go over the cliff, one after another was shocking.”

County Sheriff John Lance said his office will investigate the accident but said “When you get Lemmings and cliffs together, you have the recipe for disaster.”

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