Saturday September 21, 1957

Purgatory Woman Strikes It Rich

Five years ago when Cindy Thetic bought the land which included the old “Harder Than Hard Luck” Mine, no one cared.  In fact, most folks thought she had been “taken for a ride”. Cindy came from the Big City of Georgetown and many thought the "City Slicker" got what she deserved.  Well, no one is laughing now.

Last week, Cindy, who goes by the nickname of  “Cyn”  decided to go exploring in the old mine. At the bottom of the shaft, she found an old pick and shovel and started digging. Imagine her surprise when she found Diamonds.

Not just poor-grade industrial diamonds but high quality gem stones and lots of them. As luck would have it the previous mine owner (now an Engineer on the Purgatory & Devil River Railroad) Roy “Black Cloud” Harrell was only inches from becoming incredibly wealthy when he stopped digging after nine years of blisters.

A spokesman for the Thetic family said they are literally  “hauling them out by the carload.” This discovery is so large that it may pose a threat to the world diamond market.

A Wall Street analyst who prefers  to remain anonymous  said “ When the stones from the mine hit the market, the price of  diamonds might fall dramatically.”

When “Black Cloud” Harrell was informed of the strike he wasn’t surprised. Harrell said “that’s just my kind of luck, that’s why they call me Black Cloud.”

A representative of the World Diamond Consortium is en-route to Purgatory to negotiate a deal with the Thetic family. The consortium hopes to avoid flooding the market with stones from the Cyn Thetic Diamond Mine.

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