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Welcome to the El Lobo Division Blog

September 2005

I pulled up the temporary track that was serving as the mainline into and out of town. This has been replaced with more handlaid track. I have also put in the curve out of town and the main line now extends out of town and down a small grade. This is all ready to ballast. Iíll be working on the mainline into town and should have it ready before long.

Iíve been sorting through the boxes of things that are being stored under the layout. Iíve managed to condense a few things there to make room for the things that are in the way. Iím hoping that the staging yard will be ready to start soon. I have a large loop that was part of my friend Charlie Kirkís old layout. He had about a 2 loop helix on his old layout that he isnít using on the new one. Iíll be using part of one loop to create the balloon loop for the staging yard. As it sits now it looks like the staging yard is going to go on the south wall and will have 2 double ended sets of track with the loop at one end. There will be NO backing up underground! This I really wanted to do but was unable to find a way to make it work until recently.

After a little shuffling of storage boxes and a little wrestling the loop is in place in the corner. Iíll brace it up and then itís ready for track. I will be installing the deck for the staging yard as soon as the loop is attached to the benchwork. From there the staging yard will slide over into place. The ladder up once side of the yard is ready to spike down.

Our second baby is due in November and between that and my 2 year old train room time is limited. Progress has slowed a lot but at least there is progress. The return loop and the staging yard should go pretty fast since its all flex track. Weíll seeÖ


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