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Welcome to the El Lobo Division Blog

Where to beginÖ

A little about myselfÖ 

Iíve been around model railroading all my life. I grew up in Southwest Missouri and while growing up the garage was converted into a train room. The first train set in the house was Ďmyí first Christmas presentÖof course, Dad ran the trains while I sat in a high chair. I was only 6 months old. Later Dad had to set up a small N-Scale layout for me under the benchwork of his to keep me out from underfoot during operating sessions.  

I started building model airplanes at age 6 or 7 and continued for many years. Eventually Dad got burned out on the trains and took the layout down. In 1979 we had bought a bigger house with a large basement and Dad started planning a new layout. Unfortunately, the Burlington Northern had different ideas. About a year after merging with the Frisco we were out of work. This led us to move to Texas in 1984. By then both Dad and I were chomping at the bit to get a layout up and running. We did manage to hand lay a time-saver on a shelf there (the benchwork from this has been incorporated into the Purgatory and Devil Riverís El Lobo division). This was a nice start but for the next 10 years we moved around a lot and really couldnít afford to build anything.  

In the mid 90ís we joined a local club and started building a town for the club layout. While spending 4 years with the club we built 2 different versions of the town of Blanchard Springs. This is where I cut my teeth on building structures, rolling stock, scenery and such. As a member of the NMRA I began working on qualifying for my Master Model Railroader Certificate. Itís a journey that has been long but satisfying. Iíve met some really wonderful people who have become some of my best friends. As of the time of this writing I have 5 of the 7 certificates required to become an MMR.  I started with Volunteer, then Author, Chief Dispatcher, Scenery and most recently Cars. While I have Structures underway, Iím working on finishing the first part of my layout and Iím hoping to have Civil and Electrical judged soon. Once that has passed and my MMR approved Iím going to finish Structures. A few of the structures are to be used in a scene in hopes of achieving Prototype Modeler. I already have Motive Power started and I just became the Division Director here so Iím on my way with Official. I have started a 2 year term and will have to be reelected to serve enough time to get it but, with any luck, by June of 2008 I will have finished all of the categories of the AP.

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