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Welcome to the El Lobo Division Blog

March 2005

The benchwork along the south wall is complete. I want to build some shelving under the peninsula to help organize the things in storage there. Isn't it amazing how much junk one collects when you are living in one place for a while? I've been in this same house now for 14 years believe me I've collected a ton of junk! I've got a lot of sorting to do before things go into their final storage spot.

Two very important things happened last week. This turns out to be one of those 'good news, bad news' deals. The good news is that I picked up my DCC system…Thanks Dad!!! I had started buying Digitrax like my Dad has but after seeing the systems practically side by side in Houston I decided to go with Easy DCC from CVP. With a small loan from the old man I have purchased the system and I'll be laying rail this next weekend. If I can proceed the way I hope I should have the first rails spiked down on Friday and then plan on making it an all day Saturday train room marathon. Oddly enough…Friday is April Fool's day…go figure.

The bad news is that after sitting down and putting my staging plan on paper there is no way it's going to fit in my room. I drew that plan in 2 or 3 different locations and I will either end up trying to put a turnout in the middle of my return loop or it just won't fit. Like most track plans…if I only had a couple more feet this way and one more that it would fit (of course…then we'd find a better plan if we only had 2 more feet this way…)

I don't have any choice and as much as it pains me I'm going to have to just install a wye at the head end of the peninsula and all the trains in staging will have to back in. I REALLY didn't want to do that but I have no choice. Oh well…

I have a town laid out that I was going to use for the 2nd version of this layout. I already have the ties glued down and everything. I'm going to keep this town and use it for the town of Timberline. It will be the highest point on the layout and will sit on the north wall of the room. It's a fairly straight forward track plan…it could keep you busy switching if you don't plan your moves ahead of time but it looks like it will be fun to work in. With any luck at all I should have trains running in that town by Saturday night.


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